Foundations of AND Pastel, a contracted work of Tepe İnşaat, was laid

İnşaat çalışmalarının hız kazandığı AND Pastel projesinde ilk etap teslimlerinin Haziran 2018’de yapılması hedefleniyor. The first stage deliveries of the AND Pastel project, where construction works have been accelerated, are scheduled for June 2018.

Developed to stimulate old neighborhood culture and neighborhood relations, AND Pastel has 1,200 units in 7 blocks. The project won many awards in Turkey. More importantly, the AND Pastel project received 5 awards out of 5 categories applied in the European Property Awards, which are considered one of the world's most important real estate awards.  Having a large area of ​​30 thousand square meters for landscaping, the project was selected the best of Europe in the "Housing Landscape Architecture" category as part of the European Property Awards.