• Meet the needs of clients in main business lines in a centralized way at a global scale.
  • Develop projects in different concepts with its investor identity.


  • Create resources for Bilkent University in a way to maintain and improve its existence and contribute to the future of Turkey through education.


Having a Sense of Responsibility

  • Müşterilere, çalışanlara, tedarikçilere, çevreye ve topluma karşı sorumluluklarının bilincinde olmak,
  • Projelendirmeden başlayarak anahtar teslimiyle sonuçlanan taahhüt projeleri; arsa, finansman, proje, inşaat ve pazarlama konularını içeren yatırım projeleri kapsamında yalnızca sunabileceği hizmetlerin taahhüdünü vermek ve bu taahhütleri tamamıyla yerine getirmek.

Commitment to Ethical Values ​​and Laws​​​​​​​

  • To adhere to ethical rules and laws to the fullest extent in striving towards best service and product quality in its field of activity, observing competition, efficiency and profitability. To comply with all laws and regulations applicable in the national, as well as overseas regions where projects are implemented.

Being Customer Satisfaction Oriented​​​​​​​

  • To ensure continuous customer satisfaction by taking into consideration evolving and growing customer expectations. To establish clear and transparent communication with customers, while providing services in a timely manner according to its commitments.

Creating Global Value​​​​​​​

  • To contribute to the environmental, economic, social and communal development of each region where the Company’s projects are realized.

Sharing the Success​​​​​​​

  • To share the successes attained with its employees, customers, business partners and the community, believing that success grows when shared